Croatia : precipitation : descended sort order.

Valid on:  Obtained at: 2018-06-21 23:24:06
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Units:  metric  |  imperial Sort column: precipitation [in]
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 N.:  Location  precipitation 
 1 * MAXIMUM * 0.1  <== 
 >> 2   Knin  0.1  << 
 ==> 3 * AVERAGE *  
 >> 4   Daruvar   << 
 >> 5 * MINIMUM *  << 
 N.:  Location  precipitation 

Data source: .
Precipitation data of automatic weather stations are shown in interval of 5 minutes. For descended/ascended sort order of each column click on column name in header / footer of table. Columns are not sorted if you choose numeration column. For detailed data of each location click on name of location in table or choose Details for locations. Location for comparison is selected with click on left / right arrow of column. Selected locations for comparison are shown in red color.
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