Serbia : weather data - automatic stations.


Valid on: Podaci sa glavnih meteoroloških stanica:  SREDA 03.06.2020.  vreme: 03:00 (01:00 UTC)Obtained at: 2020-06-03 03:19:18
Refresh time: 5 minutesPage plotted: 
Data: temperatureair pressurewind speedhumidityheat index
 ::  Palić :: temperature | air pressure | wind speed | humidity | heat index :: last two days / 5 minutes.

Period: dayweekmonthyear
Duration: doublecurrenthalfquarter
Values: currentminimumaveragemaximum
Units: metricimperial
Height: smallnormaltall
Width: narrownormalwide
Index: withoutshortnormallong
Line: nofirstcurrentminimumaveragemaximum5% average95% average
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